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Need help telling your story?

Story Science offers professional storytelling consultation services. We help established and aspiring writers, filmmakers and producers in shaping their stories, from conception and planning all the way through to the final polish and everything in between. Our feedback and guidance is tailored specifically to help you make your story the best it can possibly be.

What is Story Science?

You may only get one chance to show you work to agents, managers, producers and publishers, and if your work isn’t up to snuff, then you run the risk of having burned that bridge forever. That’s where Story Science comes into play. We are here to ensure that every part of your creative work is viable, professional, and the best it can possibly be.

Our Storytelling Philosophy

  1. We focus on the craft of STORYTELLING. Receive objective guidance in crafting your creative work. Instead of being limited to one or two storytelling concentrations, such as screenwriting or fiction, Story Science draws from a wide swath of storytelling disciplines, including film, theater, literature, acting and oral storytelling.
  2. Storytelling Technique can be LEARNED, and thus TAUGHT. It’s a sad fact, but many storytellers believe that story is some amorphous artform which cannot be learned or taught because it arises from the innate talent of the individual. While we may not be able to teach you talent, we can educate you on how to use tried-and-true techniques and tools that will make your story shine. When you work with Story Science you receive clear guidance every step of the way.
  3. More than just feedback. With Story Science you won’t just get a scribbling of red ink on your creative work with a list of pros and cons. Instead, you will receive specific, actionable advice on how to improve your story and play to your strengths. Story Science offers true guidance in developing your creative masterpiece.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know if your services are for me?

We provide a free initial consultation via telephone, email, or in-person (oral).

How are we going to meet?

We are able to meet via phone, email, instant message, video chat, in person at your home or a neutral public place, or via social media (facebook, linkedin, etc.).  We can do one or more or all of these during the course of your consultation.

How do I pay?

We prefer PayPal, although it is possible to pay via cashier’s check or cash.  Regardless, all services are invoiced so that we both parties have a copy of the services rendered.

Are your services confidential?

All services and materials used in our consultations are confidential and will not transferred, copied or sold.

What about my materials?

All services and materials used in our consultations are confidential and will not transferred, copied or sold.

I’m a starving artist with no $$. Help!

That’s okay!  We are willing to negotiate pricing, especially for artists.

How do I know what you will charge me for?

We will never stick you with hidden or inflated fees. We will explicitly indicate when we have to charge you for something before the service is rendered. And if we quote you a fee, then we will stick to it.

What is your turnaround time?

While we make every effort to return my comments as fast as humanly possible, a 24-hour turnaround time is not always possible.  Therefore, our usual turnaround time is one week for a small project and two weeks or more for a larger project.

What time frame are we looking at?

Although we obviously wish to help you as expediently as possible, you are not restricted to any particular time frame. You can make use of our services according to your schedule, either all at once or over a number of weeks via email, phone, messaging and oral consults (as needed). Payment before the end of service may be required if the consultation is to take several weeks.

What kind of projects will you take on?

Strictly speaking, we have no limitations, but typically we will gladly accept any form of script or prose (fiction and nonfiction), poetry, film, photograph, social media, games, outlines, pitches, and even raw ideas. But again, we are not limited to only these. Contact us for more information.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Story Science today!

Storytelling techniques and consultation by pro storytellers Ethan Cunningham & James Gilmore.

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