Minimalist Reviews

Minimalist Reviews by James Gilmore of Story Science

What are Minimalist Reviews?

An honest, objective review cut down to its very core. With an toward storytelling technique, they encompass all stages of creativity, from writing to presentation. No frills, no dressing, and no fluff.

Want your work reviewed?

Let me know! Your work must be published or publicly released. If it’s still a work in progress, then maybe you need the feedback of a professional story analyst. Be mindful that Minimalist Reviews are completely honest, for better or for worse.

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Ratings are given on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

5 / 5: Exceptional, Noteworthy

The work demonstrates exceptional storytelling qualities, especially in terms of theme, character, execution and internal verisimilitude. By delving deep into the human psyche it examines the human condition with no or only very minor flaws and explores its own thematic elements with profound revelation.

4 / 5: Good, Worth Watching

Despite a few flaws, the work contains solid–and sometimes exceptional–storytelling, character, execution, and internal verisimilitude. While it may not exhibit deep examinations of profound themes, it does sufficiently explore its own thematic ideas and reveal truth about the human condition.

3 / 5: Average, Typical

The work contains adequate storytelling and characters and sufficient execution to entertain but little more. The majority of films, books and games fall into this rating.

2 / 5: Poor, Avoid

Unable to maintain internal verisimilitude or tell a satisfactory story, the work possesses shallow characters and themes, obvious flaws, and the basic lack of ability to entertain.

1 / 5: Terrible, Abysmal

The work displays basic lack of understanding about storytelling, character or even simple entertainment. It is not competently written and possesses more than one fundamental flaw. Nothing exists beyond the superficial or mundane surface.

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