Story Science

Story Science by James Gilmore

Since 2006 years I have offered my services as a professional story consultant and analyst under the name Story Science. I analyze and provide constructive feedback on the technique and craft of storytelling in its many forms: screenwriting, prose, films, plays, etc. Storytelling isn’t some touchy-feely mystical skill. There are reasons certain things work and reasons others do not.

Why Story Science? I explain that here.

My client list is private but includes a number of screenwriters, playwrights, producers, filmmakers and novelists, young and old, novice and veteran. I’ve even covered scripts for production companies in Los Angeles. While I mostly work independently, I presently write coverage regularly for a Los Angeles-based firm and their twice yearly screenwriting competitions.

Want a few helpful hints or some additional help sharpening your craft? Check out my extensive list of storytelling resources.

Interested in receiving feedback on your latest story? Don’t wait any longer! Contact me right away so I can help you make your script, novel, or film the best it can possibly be.

To get an idea about what I do as a professional story analyst, sift through a few of my Minimalist Reviews and see what you think.

Storytelling techniques and consultation by pro storytellers Ethan Cunningham & James Gilmore.

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