Why Story Science?

Story Science by James Gilmore

“For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.”

Story Science explores the technique of storytelling. We reject the idea that storytelling is some vague, amorphous art where the blind lead the blind and where talent is everything. It is true that you cannot learn talent, but you can learn techniques and tools to tell stories more effectively.

We believe:

  • Storytelling technique is an acquired skill with tried and true elements that, when manipulated properly, create a specific end result.
  • While you cannot learn talent, you can learn how to more effectively communicate story through the use of appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Storytelling may not be an empirical science, but it is also not without strong guidelines, standard practices, or the ability to create a deliberate effect by means of a deliberate setup.
  • That which is effective in storytelling has been tested and refined over thousands of years, during which certain trends reveal what is effective on the human psyche and human heart, and what is not.
  • As audiences are exposed to higher-quality stories over time, more complex techniques are required to achieve the same or greater effect (through media literacy.)
  • Anyone can learn how to tell a story.


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Storytelling techniques and consultation by pro storytellers Ethan Cunningham & James Gilmore.

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