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  • A Moment Adrift (2011): published by Fiction365 on 10/31/11.
  • Me, Me, I, I (2006): West Virginia Emerging Writer’s Competition, Honorable Mention




  • Stick Around, transcript for pilot reboot (2018), Chris Elias Productions


  • Operation International: Ivory Coast, short documentary (2019): writer, subtitles
    • Best Short Documentary (2020): Independent Film Awards London
    • Official Selection (2020): SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York
    • Official Selection (2020): Oregon Short Film Festival
    • Official Selection (2020): Tally Short Films Festival
    • Official Selection (2019): Oregon Documentary Film Festival
  • Rally For Rangers, short documentary (2018): writer, subtitles
    • Silver Winner (2018): The Telly Awards
    • IMDB.com
  • Darkhad Valley, short documentary (2017): writer, story advisor, subtitles
    • Remi Winner, Short Documentary (2018): 51st Annual Worldfest Houston International Film Festival (2018)
    • Official Selection (2018): Docs Without Borders Film Festival
    • Official Selection (2018): KC Film Fest
    • Official Selection (2018): Wildlife Conservation Film Festival
    • IMDB.com
  • The List, short (2013): story advisor, directed and written by Ben Simms
  • (Untitled), short (2012): story advisor, directed and written by Ben Simms
  • Epic Class, commercial spoof (2010): director, writer, editor
  • Epic Conversation,  commercial spoof (2010): director, writer, editor
  • Epic Prayer Group, commercial spoof (2010): director, writer, editor
  • Keys, short & trailer (2008 & 2009): director, writer, editor
  • I Once Was Young, short (2007), screenwriter, directed by Brian Kline
  • New Years Day, short (2006), screenwriter, directed by Brian Kline
  • Dante’s Inferno, short & trailer (2006): director, writer, editor
  • Codex of the Rat People, short mockumentary (2005): director, writer
  • Fleeing Warriors, trailer/short film (2004): director, writer, editor


  • The Line, one act play (2020): Fall 2020 Issue, New Plains Review
  • Sins from the Perspective of the Afterlife, staged readings, WVU Theatre & Dance (2006)
  • The Denny Show, live performances, WVU Theatre & Dance (2005)
  • Tinytown Girl, short play, live performances, WVU Theatre & Dance (2005)



  • 7 Days to Die: Minecraft Meets the Zombie Apocalypse, video game review, Beyond the Imagination, June 2015 Issue (kindle), Dark Star Publishing

The following articles are published as “eDirt” via Dirt.com.

  • Clash of the Divas: Madonna / Elton John Feud, published 01/20/12.
  • Betty White’s Birthday More Important Than Globes, published 01/20/12.
  • Beyonce And Jay-Z Name Baby Blue Ivy, But It Could Be Worse, published 01/11/12.
  • A Creepy Robert Pattinson Wannabe And . . . Twilight the Musical, published 01/11/12.
  • The Great Chris Brown & Rihanna Mystery, published 01/04/12.
  • Thanks, Kim Kardashian! 2011 Sucked, published 01/04/12.
  • Taylor Lautner Didn’t Come Out Of The Closet, published 12/30/11.
  • Mel Gibson And 10 NY’s Resolutions of Celebrities, published 12/29/11.
  • Tupac’s Seconding ‘Coming’: And Other Sex Tapes We Want To See, published 12/20/11.
  • Lindsay Lohan Naked And Other Holiday Gift Ideas, published 12/20/11.
  • Jessica Simpson Takes on Weight Watchers, published 12/14/11.
  • Britney Spears Caught Reading About Herself, published 12/14/11.
  • Tom Cruise Prepares for His Next Role in…Bollywood?, published 12/06/11.
  • The Babocalypse: Celebrities Keep Having Babies, World Implodes (Thanks Beyonce), published 12/06/11.
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie is Still a Total Badass, published 11/30/11.
  • Why Spielberg and Dreamworks Should Make a Twilight Movie for Boys.  Oops, I Mean Halo, published 11/30/11.
  • I’ll Never Let Go, Jack!  Apparently, the Titanic Really IS Unsinkable, published 11/30/11.
  • The Bieber’s Paternity Case Elicits List of Top 5 People Who Should Never Be Allowed to Reproduce, published 11/30/11.
  • Ashton Kutcher Proves That Twitter Makes Stupid People Look Even Stupider, published 11/16/11.
  • Brad Pitt to Quit Acting?  Top 10 Actors Who Should Quit Acting Instead, published 11/16/11.
  • Top 10 Things You Should Have Been for Halloween, published 11/02/11.
  • 10 Easy Steps to Becoming a World-ChangingTech Mogul Like Steve Jobs (Before He Joined Elvis), published 11/02/11.
  • The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez Broke Down Live in Concert, published 10/26/11.
  • JustWhen You Thought Her Career Has Hit Rock Bottom, Lindsay Lohan Surprises Again, published 10/26/11.
  • Top 10 Ways Lindsay Lohan Can Revive Her Former Glory as Dirterati Extraordinaire, published 10/20/11.
  • Spock Loves Da Cock: Why Star Trek is totally Gay, published 10/17/11.
  • Sarah Palin, You’re Not the OnlyOne: Top 5 Political MILFs Who AreTotally Doable, published 10/16/11.
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Being a Celebrity Would Suck, published 10/10/11.
  • Top 5 Reason Why Sarah Palin is a Totally Doable Babe, published 10/10/11.
  • James Marsden Divorces, Hell Freezes Over: Top 5 Signs of the Impending Apocalypse, published 10/05/11.
  • Why Kanye West Needs to Stick to Music and Come Out of the Closet Already, published 10/03/11.
  • Charlie Sheen’s Big Payoff and 5 Other TV Shows He Can Ruin While He’s At It, published 09/29/11.
  • The Catwoman Curse: How to Sexify Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman Costume in The Dark Knight Rises, published 09/27/11.
  • Charlie Sheen at the Emmys: What SHOULD Have Happened, published 09/20/11.
  • The New Breaking Dawn Trailer: Edward Finally Gets Laid and Other Vampire Suckiness, published 09/18/11.
  • OMG Suri Wears Lipstick! And 10 More Things We Can Look Forward To, published 09/13/11.
  • What Will Kate Gosselin Do Next? A Few Suggestions for Kate’s New Career, published 09/09/11.
  • 10 Reasons Why The Hunger Games Is Already Better Than Twilight, published 09/08/11.
  • GLEEPOCALYPSE! A Step-by-Step Guide to Surviving the Gleepocalypse, published 09/08/11.
  • Top 10 Reasons Why Jennifer Aniston Needs to Keep That Bikini On, published 09/01/11.
  • Celebrity Baby 2.0: Suri BEWARE! 10 Reasons Why the Beyonce-Jay-Z Baby Will Be Better, published 09/01/11.

Storytelling techniques and consultation by pro storytellers Ethan Cunningham & James Gilmore.

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